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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A simulation workflow for exposure characterisation of daylit spaces based on occupant gaze orientation

Mandana Sarey Khanie 1, Mikkel Kofod Pedersen 1, Trine Illum 1, Rasmus Nielsen 1, Thorbjøn Asmussen 2
1 Technical University of Denamrk, Denmark
2 VELUX A/S, Hoersholm, Denmark

Abstract: Characterization of spectral lighting depending on occupants’ position and gaze is explored through a simulation-based framework and an experimental pilot study. Our knowledge on the spectral effectiveness of light by regulating our biological rhythms is advancing. Hence, defining the actual exposure to spectral lighting as result of the building design from the occupants’ line of gaze is an important step forward. A simulation framework was developed to account for occupants’ gaze behaviour and to compute circadian lighting for customised solutions at individual’s level. Computed spectral exposure’s relation to occupants’ performance were explored in a pilot study, where dwell and track data and attention levels of participants were gathered. Indications of higher attention levels when exposed to higher computed spectral lighting thresholds were found.
Keywords: spectral lighting, daylighting, spectral exposure, gaze behaviour
Pages: 3670 - 3677