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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Predicting occupant thermal comfort for multiple air-side systems and seasonal scenarios using Autonomous HVAC CFD

Sandip Jadhav, Praveen Kumar, Rohit Chavan, Avinash Goen
Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt Ltd, India

Abstract: Achieving the desired occupant thermal comfort in indoor spaces is a challenge that the HVAC industry is trying to address in recent times. It is seen that a thermally comfortable working environment enhances productivity and pleasant mood amongst the employees. A popular method to analyse thermal comfort is to perform CFD simulations for the indoor spaces with the selected airside systems for seasonal scenarios and calculate the evaluation parameters such as PMV, PPD, Mean age of air etc. The complete and sound analysis of the occupant thermal comfort is possible when one has simulated the given indoor space for multiple air-side systems, varying seasonal and occupant density scenarios throughout the year. Such a complete analysis will require a large number of CFD simulations along with the CFD expertise and high-performance computing capabilities with the HVAC consultant. With the advent of powerful cloud computing, a new ‘Autonomous HVAC CFD’ application has been developed by simulationHub, that performs the CFD simulations on the cloud for multiple design configurations and scenarios and provides essential parameters to analyse the occupant thermal comfort. Through introduction and case studies, this paper illustrates the ‘Autonomous HVAC CFD’ app to assess the occupant thermal comfort in indoor spaces. This paper includes the case study of office space with 7 rooms simulated for 5 HVAC design configurations and 6 different scenarios based on seasons and occupant density, which combines to a total of 210 CFD simulations. The results are analysed and discussed at the end using thermal comfort indices like PMV, PPD, EDT, and DR.
Keywords: hvac, thermal comfort, cfd, simulations, BIM
Pages: 2813 - 2820