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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


GIS4ENER tool: energy performance calculation based on EPBD standards for EU and abroad

Gema Hernández Moral, Victor Iván Serna González, Francisco Javier Miguel, César Valmaseda Tranque
Fundacion CARTIF, Spain

Abstract: Current concerns on climate change give raise to approaches that unlock the implementation of both mitigation and adaptation options. In this context, the availability of tools that support energy planning at urban level can contribute to the implementation of mitigation options and contribute to the refurbishment of the buildings stock. The GIS4ENER tool estimates energy demand and consumption of the residential sector inspired on ISO 52.0016 standard, supported by the use of public available data of buildings. The results are then reflected on a map, making use of geo-visualisation capabilities, which sets the basis for informed energy planning.
Keywords: EPBD, ISO standards, public data sources, building typologies, Open Street Maps
Pages: 613 - 620