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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


The formulation of a reference load curve to measure energy flexibility

Muhammad Salman Shahid 1, Benoît Delinchant 1, Béatrice Roussillon 2, Frédéric Wurtz 1, Daniel Llerena 2
1 G2Elab, 21 Rue des Martyrs, CS 90624, 38031 Grenoble CEDEX 1, France
2 GAEL, 1241 Rue des Résidences, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France

Abstract: An indirect feedback of energy flexibility is given to the consumer after the period of energy consumption. It is either historic (comparing the energy consumption with the past consumption of the same household), or normative (comparing household energy consumption with that of a group of similar households) (Wang et al. 2018). Graphically, it is presented in the form of clustered baseline load curve of identical households (Abreu, Camara Pereira, and Ferrao 2012) or average load curve of same household (Ozawa, Furusato, and Yoshida 2016). This extended abstract presents a statistical comparison of methods to formulate RLC of residential consumer...
Keywords: Reference load curve, Indirect energy flexibility, Residential sector, Nudge
Pages: 3702 - 3703