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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Embodied facade retrofit design with augmented reality in the built environment

John Sermarini, Robert A. Michlowitz, Joseph J. LaViola Jr., Lori C. Walters, Roger Azevedo, Joseph T. Kider Jr.
University of Central Florida, United States of America

Abstract: This paper presents a framework for collaboratively evaluating facade retrofit designs in-situ using Augmented Reality (AR). Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools have been seeing increased use, driving the collection of detailed information throughout a building's life cycle. AR combines the visible realworld with superimposed computer-generated information, for example, permitting users to visualize proposed changes and simulation data while on-site. Our approach combines these disruptive technologies into a design tool for early-phase facade retrofits through to the final design. This method enables us to address a range of design and retrofit scenarios improving daylighting, energy efficiency, and aesthetics of a structure while maintaining a building's function and comfort. Our system will enable architects, engineers, and facility stakeholders to explore viable design options that satisfy construction and retrofitting project goals. Our framework is applied to a demonstration office and conference room retrofit project illustrating the potential for interactive in-situ redesign evaluation.
Keywords: BIM, daylighting, energy, augmented reality, on-site
Pages: 2844 - 2851