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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Developing an archetype building stock model for new cities in Egypt

Fady Abdelaziz, Rokia Raslan, Phil Symonds
UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

Abstract: In Egypt, the development of the residential building sector is growing robustly increasing urban electrification which urges the need to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock. This study describes the development of ENCEM (Egyptian New Cities Energy Model), a residential bottom-up building stock model for the new cities in Egypt based on a proposed methodology of five steps that classified the building stock into 9 archetypes. An energy model was developed and simulated using EnergyPlus to identify the electricity demand, bills, and CO2 emissions for each archetype. The results showed that the end-use demand of the buildings varied depending on the housing typology, floor level, and building attachment type.
Keywords: Building Stock Model, Housing Archetype, Bottom-up Approach, Egypt
Pages: 2232 - 2239