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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Discrepancies in dynamic daylight simulations in the tropic associated with the differences between measured and weather files solar radiation

Lucas. Arango Diaz 1, Elizabeth Parra Correa 1, Alejandra Puerta Suárez 1, Jorge Hernán Salazar Trujillo 2
1 Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia
2 Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Abstract: Evaluating the performance of indoor environments from the results of daylighting dynamic computational simulations is a common and widely accepted practice among researchers, designers, and bioclimatic consultants. From the radiation data in weather data files, these dynamic simulations consider the sky types, which are decisive in daylight calculations. However, recent studies show great differences between the global radiation data from various weather files of tropical locations and inconsistencies in the direct and diffuse radiation data for each of them. This paper aims to compare the results of dynamic computational simulations carried out for a hypothetical indoor environment according to weather data files used. The methodology included the characterization of radiation in recent years according to local weather stations, the identification of weather data files for this city, the characterization of sky types according to measurements and weather data files, and their incorporation in the parametric computer simulations. The results show the considerable differences in the characterization of the skies types and in the evaluation of the daylight performance of indoor environments according to the selected weather data file, opening the discussion about the reliability of radiation data in the weather files available for the Colombian territory.
Keywords: Architecture, daylighting, Climate-Based Daylight Modelling, Solar Radiation, Grashopper
Pages: 965 - 972