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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Building performance simulation as a guide to design decision making: an analysis of architecture students’ design process.

Larissa Pereira de Souza 1,2,3, Roberto Lamberts 1,2, Carlos Eduardo Verzola Vaz 1,3
1 Federal University of Santa Catarina
2 Laboratory of Energy Efficiency in Buildings
3 Advanced Modeling Group

Abstract: Many architects agree that building performance simulation should be embedded in the design process (Alsaadani and Bleil De Souza 2019). This paper analyses architecture students’ design process using building performance simulation to assist in design decision making. First, they analysed potentials regarding bioclimatic strategies with Ladybug. Then they performed thermal simulations with Honeybee to assist the design changes. The students had a simple one-room residential volume with urban context. Each group received a different city, and many groups used adaptive comfort improvement and cooling load decrease as a guide to decision-making. Some of the groups reached near 80% of adaptive by reducing more than 70% of the cooling load in the final building composition.
Keywords: Rhinoceros Grasshopper, Thermal simulation design, Teaching building simulation, Architectural education, BPS training
Pages: 981 - 988