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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Impact of landscaping elements on pedestrian wind simulations using OpenFOAM

Rubina Ramponi 1, Viet Le 2, Jake Haskell 3, Adam Brooks 2
1 Arup, Dublin, Ireland
2 Arup, New York, United States of America
3 Arup, Berlin, Germany

Abstract: Considerations around wind comfort and safety are important for urban planning and both wind tunnel experiments and CFD are used to predict windiness in the public realm. Landscaping is a common wind mitigation measure because of its additional benefit in improving the streetscape. However, there is a challenge involved in the accurate modelling of the tree properties. This paper illustrates two applications of tree modelling in CFD. A validation study is used to explore the sensitivity to foliage density and drag coefficient. A case study is then carried out to evaluate the impact of foliage density and turbulence.
Keywords: Pedestrian wind comfort, Landscaping, CFD, Wind
Pages: 3366 - 3371