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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Daylighting simulation using spectral ray tracing

Antony Escudie 1, Chloé Therreau 1, Tanguy Timmermans 2, Louis Dellieu 2, Grégoire Besse 1, Denis Tandy1
1 Eclat Digital
2 AGC Glass Europe

Abstract: Daylighting simulation allows calculating the quantity and distribution of daylight inside a room, while considering key influential parameters like material properties, exterior lighting conditions, room furniture distribution or building geometry. While many available software already enable such calculations, most of them appear to have a lack of accuracy while dealing with complex scene rendering or accurate material description. In this paper, daylighting simulations are run using a spectral ray tracer software developed by Eclat Digital OceanTM . Thanks to its state of the art algorithm, this software does not require any model simplification and allows a physically accurate description of materials. The as generated outputs enable producing detailed illuminance mappings, as well as realistic renderings for visualization.
Keywords: Daylighting, raytracing, spectral redering
Pages: 3379 - 3385