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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Luminance distributions in consultancy: Simulations or measurements?

Thijs Willem Kruisselbrink
Peutz BV, Netherlands, The

Abstract: The lit environment is an intangible, but rather rel- evant component of the built environment, impact- ing performance, comfort, health and well-being. Re- search has shown that the lit environment has a mul- tidimensional character (Kruisselbrink et al. (2018)). Consequently, the lit environment cannot be fully grasped by singular metrics that are often utilized in consultancy. Preferably, multiple metrics, associated to e.g. amount, distribution or directionality of light, are utilized to describe the lit environment. However, despite significant effort, the research community has not found a satisfactory and holistic metric to capture the lit environment as a whole. Alternatively, the lu- minance distribution, as illustrated in Figure 1, can be a suitable means to describe the lit environment, as it contains information on the majority of relevant metrics (Kruisselbrink et al. (2018)). Additionally, the luminance is expected to improve correspondence to the human experience as it is directly related to the brightness (Van Den Wymelenberg (2012))...
Keywords: luminance distribution, simulation, measurement, lit environment
Pages: 2927 - 2928