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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Enable building system simulation by deriving a Digital Twin for operation from 2D P&ID plans

Hermann Georg Mayer
Siemens AG, Germany

Abstract: We propose a method for generating semantics for 2D plans of building systems, predominantly P&ID plans of HVAC systems. For most buildings, even today designing the HVAC system and other building systems is not yet an integral part of a completely centralized 3D BIM modelling process. This applies even more to legacy buildings, which are regularly renovated for better energy performance. Therefore, most of system descriptions, like for HVAC, are still 2D drawings with no semantics included and no preparation for an automated simulation pipeline. The method introduced below shows how to get a machine-readable simulation model from those 2D plans by an easy-to-use, semi-automatic process.
Keywords: Pattern recognition, Knowledge graphs, System model versioning
Pages: 3386 - 3388