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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Demonstration of operation of anti-Legionella controller in test setup

Elisa Van Kenhove, Lien De Backer, Klaas De Jonge, Jelle Laverge
UGent, Belgium

Abstract: Domestic Hot Water (DHW) is produced, stored and distributed at temperatures above 60 °C to mitigate the risk of contaminating DHW systems with L. pneumophila. As a sustainable alternative, this paper describes the steps towards a heat shock regime. Previously, a theoretical proof of concept of an energysaving anti-Legionella controller is developed that sets a lower DHW temperature combined with heat shocks in case a predefined concentration limit is reached. The L. pneumophila concentration throughout the system is predicted using a simulation model that runs in the background of the controller. A detailed simulation study of such a controller showed savings of 38 % (distribution energy) and 14-64 % (production energy) without increasing contamination risk. The purpose of this paper is to implement the stand-alone controller prototype in a test setup to demonstrate its functioning. Results show that the controller is able to predict the L. pneumophila sg. 1 concentrations and to initiate heat shocks accordingly and correctly.
Keywords: Legionella pneumophila, health, energy savings, controller
Pages: 661 - 668