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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Optimum daylighting and thermal comfort simulation framework for school buildings in hot arid climate

Muhammad Adel Ahmed Mahmoud 1, Medhat Dorra 1, Khaled Nassar 2, Ayman Hassan El Hakea 3, Mohamed Shaltot 4
1 Department of Architecture, Cairo University, Egypt
2 Construction Engineering Department, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
3 Construction and Building Engineering Department, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Cairo, Egypt
4 EGEC Qatar for Engineering Consultations, Doha, Qatar

Abstract: Traditional dependence on Daylight Factor (DF) and thermal charts in daylighting and thermal simulation is challenged by holistic Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools. Nevertheless, BIM-enabled performance simulation for schools is scarce in literature, especially in hot arid zones. This research proposes a daylighting and thermal comfort optimization model for school buildings in hot arid climate. Considering Window-to-Wall Ratio (WWR) and building orientation angle as the decision variables, optimum designs are identified based on multiple criteria, ranked using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHO), and expressed using a holistic Criteria Combined Score (CCS). Three case studies are presented, criteria AHP weights are verified arithmetically, and results are validated using questionnaires. Increasing WWR from 5% to 29%, irrespective of orientation, increased CCS by almost 30%.
Keywords: Building Performance Simulation, Sustainable Design, School Buildings, Hot Climate, Multi-objective Optimization
Pages: 2929 - 2937