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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2023: 18th Conference of IBPSA


Multi-performance method for urban densification

Abel SepĂșlveda 1,2, Nasim Eslamirad 2, Francesco De Luca 2
1 Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology, Germany
2 Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Abstract: This investigation proposes a 7-steps multi-performance method for urban densification and applies it to an existig urban block located in Tallinn, Estonia. This design workflow has two main features lacked by previous methods: (1) flexible, easy-to-use and fast, minimizing the dependence on time-consuming simulations with need of daylight and dynamic thermal modeling/simulation; (2) performance-driven differentiation of the FAR metric (i.e. room area, daylight, SA, and overheating protection levels). It was used to find the optimal densification strategy depending on 7 different design criteria defined as trade-offs between: floor-area ratio, daylight provision, solar access, and outdoor thermal comfort.
Keywords: Urban densification, daylight, view out, solar access, outdoor thermal comfort
Pages: 1651 - 1658