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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2013: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Predictive building systems control logic with embedded simulation capability

Ardeshir Mahdavi

Abstract: In predictive simulation-based building systems control, candidate control options (i.e., various combinations of the control device states) for future time instances are proactively simulated and evaluated with regard to control objectives. Thus, preferable control actions are identified and instantiated. A number of virtual and prototypical implementations of this concept have been introduced in the past, especially in the field of lighting and shading controls. Further studies augmented the simulation-based predictive building systems strategy with agent-based technologies and machine-learning methods. More recently, we have explored applications in natural ventilation and passive cooling. Using content from previous publications, this keynote addresses simulation-supported predictive building systems control, focusing on its application toward passive cooling in buildings.
Pages: 3 - 14