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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2013: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Investigation of different simulation tools for solar photovoltaic modules

Francesco Frontini, Matteo Marzoli, Narghes Doust

Abstract: Renewable energy resources will be an increasingly important part of power generation in the new millennium. Besides assisting in the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, they add the muchneeded flexibility to the energy resource mix by decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels. Furthermore, as many international studies have already demonstrated, the use of photovoltaic is a crucial point to achieve the Net Zero Energy Building (nZEB) standard. In order to allow the designers to count on the renewable energy resources to compensate the energy needed, an easy and reliable tool is necessary, besides the building energy simulation tools. This paper aims to present a comparison between different simulation tools, in order to underline differences and similarities rather besides comparing the numerical responses. Several parameters related to the PV panels will be discussed in order to compute their influence on each numerical model. Further investigations of this preliminary study will be done in order to analyse the PV models in order to find the best way to simulate and to model building integrate photovoltaic element (BIPV).
Pages: 89 - 94