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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2013: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Procedure for buildings

Chiara Dipasquale, Matteo D

Abstract: Numerical simulations are becoming more and more a key step in designing an integrated building + energy system. The use of a detailed numerical model and an accurate calculation algorithm permits us not only to study the influence of design parameters, but also to evaluate the building energy demand and indoor comfort conditions. The computational effort in modelling the building behaviour might become a limit in terms of simulation time, in particular in the case of complex systems. This is evident when an integrated control of building and thermal energy system is performed, because of the need of a short time step (1 to 5 minutes) for control purposes. In this sense, a clear edge between architectural and energy modelling has to be drawn. In this paper, a methodology for simplifying a detailed building model has been presented, by defining phases, quantitative figures, limits and uncertainty of the results. Such procedure is replicable and could be useful during any numerical modelling process. With reference to a three-story apartment building, the influence of (1) the algorithm for short- and long-wave radiation, (2) building and surrounding context
Pages: 199 - 208