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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Performance evaluation towards improved BiPV-Systems – Simulation of BiPV-systems installed on existing building facades using TRNSYS

Sascha Lindig, David Moser, Stefano Avesani, Roberto Lollini

Abstract: The main focus of this work was the simulation and optimization of a BIPV-façade-system configuration through the development of simulations using the ”TRNSYS” software. First, several limitations and constraints within the TRNSYS framework needed to be solved to develop a reliable simulation environment. Various parameters were detected which influence the temperature distribution over a BiPV-system and thus the PV-efficiency. Several configurations were selected and optimized in order to maximize the energy yield of the system by varying the air gap between the building structure and the external pane of the BiPV-installation. Furthermore, the impact on the building behavior was examined. The achieved results showed the positive contribution of the integration of PV in a façade system to the building energy balance.
Pages: 41 - 49