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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Influence of varying mix proportions on thermal performance of soil-cement blocks

Balaji N.C, Praseeda K. I., Monto Mani, Venkatarama Reddy B. V

Abstract: Soil-cement blocks generally comprise graded soil, cement and sand to varying proportions to achieve desired structural performance and durability. In their actual integration as part of a building masonry element (envelope), the thermal performance of these blocks determines the climate-responsiveness of the building. However, little study has been done in discerning the influence of varying mix-proportion on the thermal performance of these blocks. The current study examines the role of physio-chemical properties, determined by the varying mix-proportions, on the thermal performance of soil-cement blocks. The paper discerns the influence of the clay content, cement content and dry density on the thermal conductivity of the soil-cement blocks. For this study, soil-cement blocks casted with locally available materials been adopted. Preliminary results revealed that as the clay content increases from 10.5 to 31.6% the thermal conductivity value increases. Further, with an increase in cement content from 5 to 16% the thermal conductivity values also increases. The thermal conductivity tests conducted using QTM-500 thermal conductivity testing instrument. Further investigation included the influence of soil-cement blocks’ thermal properties on dynamic building thermal performance such as time lag and decrement factor. The results of the study are expected to support design of climate-responsive building envelopes for various climatic conditions.
Pages: 67 - 74