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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Modelling, testing and optimization of a MVHR combined with a small-scale speed controlled exhaust air heat pump

Fabian Ochs, Dietmar Siegele, Georgios Dermentzis, Wolfgang Feist

Abstract: A micro-heat pump in combination with a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit is developed and integrated in the façade in the framework of the iNSPiRe project. The heat pump uses the exhaust air of the MVHR unit as a source and provides heat to the supply air of the ventilation system. Thus, one compact unit can be used for combined ventilation and heating (and/or cooling). Fresh outdoor air flows into the MVHR unit, where it is heated with a heat recovery efficiency of up to 90%. It is then further heated by the micro-heat pump up to a maximum of 52 °C in order to supply space heating (reverse operation for cooling possible in future versions). A simulation study has been performed to investigate the energy performance of the micro-heat pump. A detailed physical model of the µHP is developed within the Matlab simulation environment and validated against measurements of two functional models in so-called PASSYS test cells. The performance of the system is investigated for different renovation standards (EnerPHit with 25 kWh/(m2∙a) and PH with 15 kWh/(m2∙a)) at 7 different climatic conditions.
Pages: 83 - 91