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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


BIM and interoperability for energy simulations

Bernardino Chiaia, Sanaz Davardoust, Anna Osello, Niccolò Aste, Manlio Mazzon

Abstract: Energy efficiency issues are being integrated into Building Information Modeling (BIM) quickly by the InnovANCE Italian research project which provides the creation of the first Italian open-source construction "unified database", shared by all stakeholders: public and private clients, construction companies, professionals and manufacturers. The aim of this research is to define a methodology by which to obtain data flows and information exchanges, with as small as possible data losses, from architectural software (as Revit Architecture) and energy analysis software, mainly those based on transient-state. The transient-state tool analyzed for this study was the EnergyPlus simulation engine, which represents the state of the art tool in building energy simulation. As the process of exchanging data from Revit to EnergyPlus is not direct, “Space Boundary Tool” (SBT) middle-ware was used as an “interoperable bridge” with good results passing through the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, analysing problems and possible solutions. Up to now, SBT is used for three different purposes: (i) To apply needed geometric transformations in order to transform an architectural model into a two-dimensional surfaces model; (ii) To assign thermal boundary conditions to model surfaces and adding materials thermal properties; (iii) To get an .idf file that can be processed by EnergyPlus simulation engine. The correct data exchange obtained makes the energy optimization process easier, mostly if applied in preliminary design phases (when energy analysis can be more effective in driving to the “zero energy building” goal), by avoiding building a new energy model for each architectural design variation.
Pages: 93 - 97