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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Thermal modelling of complex fenestration systems – Comparison of a BSDF-based model with simplified approaches

Hauer Martin, Geisler-Moroder David, Hiller Marion

Abstract: In this paper the theoretical concept of modelling complex fenestration systems is shown firstly by the development of two simplified modelling approaches and secondly by a newly developed model in TRNSYS17 based on BSDF-data and the ISO15099 standard. Final results of a comparison between the more detailed BSDF model and the simplified models based on the bidirectional SHGC will be worked out and described. By simulating two different blind systems incorporated in the façade of a standard office room (Fig. 1), the capabilities and restrictions of the simplified approaches in modelling conventional, diffuse shading blinds and daylight deflecting, specular blinds are shown. Depending on the external boundary conditions and predefined settings to be done for the simplified model approaches by parameter studies, the results show satisfying correlations between all models for static and dynamic boundary conditions.
Pages: 147 - 154