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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


The effect of vegetation on daylight availability

Islam Ayman Mashaly, Yussra Mohamed Rashed, Muhammad Adel, Khaled Nassar

Abstract: Simulating daylight in building spaces is becoming an increasingly important task to achieve sustainable and healthy building designs. However, accurate modeling of daylight necessitates the inclusion of environmental conditions as well as accurately modeling the buildings’ surroundings, including obstructions. Obstructions in the form of vegetation such as trees and shrubs can significantly impact the daylight performance. This paper presents a parametric study of the effect of vegetation on the daylight performance of the building spaces. RADIANCE is used to simulate the effect of the vegetation obstructions on the daylighting. A routine is developed to parametrically create vegetation and outputs geometric descriptions that in the rad format, so that they can be easily incorporated into the RADIANCE scene description file. The developed routine allows for parametric variations of the tree shapes and configuration so that these values can be studied. A standard office space is used and the daylight performance is assessed using a daylight climate-based metrics namely daylight availability. The results demonstrate the importance of taking vegetation obstructions into account when modeling daylight performance.
Pages: 163 - 170