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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Dynamic simulation and on-site monitoring of a combined solar and pellet system in a low energy house

Elisa Carlon, Alessandro Prada, Markus Schwarz, Christoph Schmidl, Marco Baratieri, Andrea Gasparella, Walter Haslinger

Abstract: This study focuses on the dynamic building simulation of a low energy house, situated in the region of Lower Austria. The pre-fabricated single family house has highly insulated lightweight walls and triple glazed windows. The house is heated by a 6 kW pellet boiler supplying hot water to a floor heating system. The boiler is also used for domestic hot water production, in combination with solar collectors, thus forming a combined solar-pellet system. The house was monitored in the frame of the BioMaxEff project (funded by FP 7), aiming at the demonstration of biomass boilers in real life conditions. Parameters describing the boiler operation as well as outdoor and indoor temperatures were monitored continuously for one year. The aim of this study is to develop a coupled simulation of the house and its heating and hot water supply systems has been set up in the TRNSYS simulation suite. System components have been simulated using both standard and non-standard TRNSYS Types. A new component was developed within this study to simulate the system’s control unit. The comparison of monitoring data of the year 2013 and simulation results showed that the boiler operation in field conditions was accurately reproduced in the simulation environment.
Pages: 345 - 350