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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


ProCasaClima 2013: CasaClima building simulation software

Matteo Rondoni, Ulrich Santa, Ulrich Klammsteiner, Martina Demattio, Mariadonata Bancher, Alexander Told, Thomas Zelger

Abstract: Since 2002 the CasaClima building quality certification system has been a widely recognized method. Certification of buildings is carried out with standard parameters of calculation. For this reason the results obtained do not show the real consumption, but they are indexes that allow us to compare different buildings from each other. However, the CasaClima Program has been developed in order to guarantee a high level of quality of the construction process for low-energy buildings. Looking not only at the certification, but also at a proper building design, CasaClima has integrated into its software a dynamic simulation of the building, whose characteristics and results will be presented in this paper. Having to deal with technicians, whose work is focused on the rapidity of the design, the goal, from the beginning of the development, was to allow these professionals to make the calculation for energy certification and at the same time, without further additional working, offer them the results of a dynamic simulation. For this reason some input of the calculation is fixed and unchangeable. In the CasaClima philosophy, the energy efficiency starts from the building envelope, which is associated with a system that is simple, but efficient, and able to cover the small energy needs required. For this reason, the building envelope plays a leading role and CasaClima dynamic simulation serves mainly to its design. Thus, the results show the air and operating temperature within the environment, without any air conditioning system, from which it is also possible to obtain an evaluation of the indoor comfort.
Pages: 377 - 382