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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Application of aerogel-based plaster towards thermal retrofit of historical facades: A computational assessment

Olga Proskurnina, Ulrich J. Pont, Miroslawa Kornicki, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Abstract: The retrofit of historical facades of the building stock has grown in importance due to energy efficiency considerations in the building sector. Among other recent new construction technologies, aerogel-based plaster systems with high thermal insulation have been developed in the past few years by the AEC-industry. Although still rather expensive, these systems offer opportunities to insulate highly-articulated historical facades in compliance with the principles of heritage protection. This contribution analyses the effect of the application of such aerogel-based plasters on historical building facades in terms of thermal bridges. Thermal bridges are considered to be of high importance for both the building’s overall energy performance and the quality assurance in terms of healthy indoor environment. The latter includes aspects of interior surface temperatures, condensation risk, and mould growth. Typical construction details of historical building facades were selected based on relevant literature. These details were analysed and evaluated with the help of a numeric thermal bridge simulation tool. A set of scenarios including original state and different retrofit measures were applied to these details and their effect was evaluated in view of thermal bridge calculation. This contribution includes – along with basic information about the aerogel-plaster systems and related background – description of the methodology and a discussion of the results.
Pages: 431 - 438