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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2015: Second Conference of IBPSA-Italy


The use of biomass in the building renovation: a cost-optimal perspective analysis

Enrico De Angelis, Giorgio Pansa, Martina Cereda

Abstract: Reduction of energy consumption and the use of energy from renewable sources constitute important measures needed to reduce energy needs for existing buildings. Among all different options, the use of biomass could be an efficient strategy worthy of being explored during the refurbishment design. Although their use has been limited in the Italian legislation for environmental issues (particulate and fine dust emissions), the promising low primary energy conversion factor and their low cost (in comparison with other fossil fuels) allow us to investigate this option. A technical and economic analysis of different system refurbishment, framed in the costoptimal context, has been addressed, in order to evaluate the feasibility of such interventions. Several case studies (single family house, apartment block, a school and a district made of several single and multi-family houses, served by a district heating system based on biomass) and different strategies have been analyzed: - No interventions on building envelope (installation of a biomass heating system); - Deep renovation of building envelope, with a “traditional” heating system (condensing boiler or heat pump); - A standard renovation of the building envelope and the installation of a biomass heating system. An analysis of the cost of intervention and operation (in terms of euro per kilowatt and euro per kilowatt-hour) is presented, so that it is possible to estimate what the costoptimal levels are for the different case studies analyzed.
Pages: 463 - 471