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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


The Viability of Using Different Types of Recycled Plastic as Glazing in Windows

Islam A. Mashaly, Yussra Rashed, Salah El-Haggar, Khaled Nassar

Abstract: Plastic waste is a growing issue that needs to be addressed, multiple solutions are established to reduce its impact on the environment. The aim of this research is to make use of the plastic waste piling up and, at the same time, to create a convenient daylighting solution. The research proposes a sustainable fenestration system to be used in hotarid climates, particularly in Egypt, where it is common to use tinted glass to lower the heat gain. First, a recycling process was carried out to create samples, the samples were then tested to obtain their optical properties and lastly Radiance, a daylighting simulation tool, was used to test the performance of recycled plastics as a window glazing material. In the recycling process, three plastic types were used to create the samples: polypropylene PP (number 5), polystyrene PS (number 6), and polycarbonate PC (number 7). It was concluded that the use of recycled plastics as a glazing material is indeed possible. Polycarbonate ranked as the most transparent, yet its impurities were the most visible. Polystyrene was also observed to be quite transparent, however its transparency was inversely related to its thickness. Polypropylene was the least transparent under the selected settings. Nonetheless, further research is required regarding the recycling process settings, to determine the possibility of obtaining more transparent results.
Pages: 13 - 18