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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


PV-PCM Integration in Glazed Buildings. Numerical Study Through MATLAB/TRNSYS Linked Model

Hagar Elarga, Francesco Goia, Ernesto Benini

Abstract: The paper describes the implementation of a 1-dimensional transient model based on the enthalpy method to analyse the thermal behaviour of a Phase Change Material (PCM) layer integrated in a window. The model and algorithm have been validated by comparison with experimental data. The model has then been expanded to couple a PV layer with the PCM layer. The complete model is implemented in MATLAB and linked to TRNSYS in order to estimate the dynamic thermal energy demand of a building equipped with a double skin façade with a PVPCM layer in a ventilated cavity. A parametric study was carried out, investigating three different cavity ventilation strategies for two European cities (Venice and Helsinki). The results show that, when the PCM layer is coupled with the PV layer, in Venice the cooling energy demand is 60 % lower, while in Helsinki the heating demand during the winter season is 36 % lower.
Pages: 27 - 35