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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


The Benchmark of a New SIMULINK Library for Thermal Dynamic Simulation of Buildings

Jean Pierre Campana, Mara Magni, Matteo Dongellini, Luca Morini

Abstract: Nowadays, the complexity of the interactions between thermal plants and buildings for NZEB buildings is increasing. The decrease in primary energy consumption by NZEB is generally pursued by maximizing the use of renewable energy which gives a discontinuous contribution during the season; it becomes important to study in detail the dynamic interactions between the building and the adopted HVAC systems, by taking into account unsteady state behaviour of walls, roofs, windows, and so on. This kind of analysis can be carried out with conventional dynamic simulation software (i.e. TRNSYS, ESP-r, Energy Plus, DesignBuilder). It has been demonstrated that a detailed analysis of controlled HVAC systems can also be carried out by using SIMULINK, and in the past open block libraries made in SIMULINK were proposed for HVAC system analysis, like in the case of the CARNOT blockset. However, besides its completeness, the building modelling is still considered a weak point of CARNOT due to its limited flexibility. For this reason, a new specific library named ALMABuild based on SIMULINK blocks for the dynamic modelling of a building is presented in this paper with the aim to integrate and improve the blocks already available in CARNOT. In ALMABuild, the modelling of a building with SIM ULINK is driven by means of a series of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). In this paper a benchmark of ALMABuild is shown by using TRNSYS as a reference. The comparison evidenced a good agreement between the two methods. However, differences were present each time that the procedure indicated by the European Standard EN ISO 13790:2008 (and integrally followed by ALMABuild) was not in agreement with the procedure followed by TRNSYS (based on American standards).
Pages: 45 - 52