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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


A Comparison Between Numerical Methods for Evaluating Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Systems Performance

Angelo Zarrella, Roberto Zecchin, Diego Guzzon, Michele De Carli, Giuseppe Emmi, Michele Quaggia

Abstract: Ground coupled heat pumps are increasingly used for HVAC systems. The difficulty in sizing and predicting their behaviour and performance is well known. A suitable simulation is often advisable to help in the design choices. The code EnergyPlus is widely used in the field of building simulation and, since it includes a routine dealing with borehole heat exchangers, based on the wellknown concept of g-functions, it can be profitably used for the considered purpose. On the other hand a numerical tool, namely CaRM, based on a detailed finite difference model of both the ground and borehole heat exchangers has been developed. A comparison between the use and the results of the EnergyPlus g-functions approach and CaRM in ground subsystem modelling was carried out with particular reference to an office building with quite a critical unbalance between heat extracted from and heat injected into the ground.
Pages: 351 - 358