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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Building Integrated Photovoltaics/Thermal (BIPV/T) System: A New Dynamic Simulation Model and a Case Study

Andreas Athienitis, Giovanni Barone, Annamaria Buonomano, Adolfo Palombo

Abstract: In this paper, the energy performance of a façade open loop Building Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal (BIPV/T) system with air as working thermal fluid is investigated. For this aim a new dynamic simulation model based on a detailed transient finite difference thermal network is developed. For a complete building energy performance analysis, such model was implemented in a suitable computer tool written in MatLab (called DETECt 2.3, suitably modified). The presented simulation model includes a parametric analysis tool useful to minimize the building energy demand. In order to show the potential of the developed code, a comprehensive case study related to a multi-floor office building located in several climate zones is developed. In particular, with the aim to identify the design and operating parameters minimizing the overall energy consumptions, while guaranteeing the comfort of occupants, a suitable optimization procedure is carried out. Results show that through the produced electricity and thermal energy it is possible to balance the overall building energy demand approaching the NZEB goal.
Pages: 449 - 457