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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Proposing a Life Cycle Energy Efficiency Index for Comparative Assessment of Insulation Materials’ Performance

Hashem Amini Toosi, Ali Vakili-Ardebili, Nasim Hasheminejad

Abstract: In this paper, a new method is presented to compare different scenarios of insulation by assigning a Life Cycle Energy Efficiency (LCEE) index, which includes operational energy use and embodied energy of materials. For this purpose, a sensitivity analysis has been performed to determine the relation between insulation thickness and total energy consumption, then the new method to assign the LCEE index has been used and the results have been compared. Our methodological approach consists of the following steps: (i) Simulate a 27 m3 cubic simple zone with a double glazed air filled window on south surface in EnergyPlus 8.3 software; (ii) Determine the thermal comfort boundaries for each studied city including Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz and Kerman; (iii) Vary installation materials and insulation thickness and calculate the total energy demand for heating and cooling in each city that includes 128 insulating scenarios; (iv) Calculate the embodied energy of different insulating alternatives based on LCI databases; (v) Perform a sensitivity analysis for each insulation material in each city to figure out the relationship between thickness of insulation materials and total energy demand in each city; (vi) Use the new method to assign the LCEE index in order to compare different scenarios. The analysis showed that both operational energy and embodied energy have considerable impacts in decisionmaking processes in order to select the best insulation type and thickness. Moreover, the new method to assign the LCEE index was used as a useful method to assign a concise comparative index in order to compare different decisions by building designers.
Pages: 521 - 528