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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Dynamic Simulation of the Influence of Fenestration on Buildings Energy Consumption. A Comparison Between Northern and Southern Europe

Angelo Spena, Viola Iaria, Carlo Mazzenga

Abstract: Dynamic simulation allows us to foresee the actual behavior of a building as a whole, namely of the envelope, its occupants, and HVAC equipments. This approach requires a huge amount of data of current inhomogeneous variables related to local climate, shelter’s shapes and materials, fenestration and lighting technologies, mechanical and electrical facilities, air quality needs, etc. Consistency and accuracy of input data, together with a comprehensive and integrated knowledge of the performance of all the parts involved, act as the crucial points of the process. The paper, by means of a proprietary simulation SW proposed and used in the past by one of the Authors, shows first results in terms of impact of different degrees of buildings fenestration on needs of energy for either lighting and air conditioning. Conflicting opportunities when comparing locations in Southern (Rome) and in Northern (Berlin) Europe are found. A focus on crucial points is made using a case study as a reference.
Pages: 547 - 555