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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Parametric Technical and Economic Analysis of Thermal Comfort and Productivity in Industrial Buildings

Mariantonietta Tarantini, Giovanni Pernigotto, Fabian Ochs, Andrea Gasparella

Abstract: Thermal comfort is an important aspect to occupants’ wellbeing and productivity in a workplace. Indeed, as observed by some authors in the literature, a high thermal comfort can improve workers’ productivity and progressively reduce the number of accidents as well as occupational diseases. This paper aims at investigating to what extent the level of thermal comfort in workplace influences productivity, estimated according to Roelofsen model (2001). In particular, the study analyses the economic benefits of investing in additional air-conditioning systems to improve thermal comfort conditions, considering the impact of insulation of the envelope, internal gains and climate.
Pages: 573 - 580