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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Building integrated photovoltaic thermal collectors: modelling and experimental investigation of two novel cost-effective prototypes

Giovanni Barone, Annamaria Buonomano, Cesare Forzano, Adolfo Palombo

Abstract: This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of three different building-integrated solar systems. Specifically, two building-integrated photovoltaic thermal collector prototypes (alternatively water and air cooled) are investigated along with a building-integrated photovoltaic panel; these prototypes were fabricated and experimentally tested at University of Patras (Greece). Note that the active performance of such devices has already been investigated in other works. This chapter presents the analysis of the passive effects on a building’s thermal behaviour caused by the integration of the devices. A suitable dynamic simulation tool, capable of assessing the whole device-building performance analysis, is outlined. A case study aimed at proving the potential of such code and showing the effects of the adoption of building integrated solar systems on a building’s thermal behaviour is presented. The case study considers a simple dwelling unit in a multi-storey residential building, located in different weather zones and subject to diverse boundary conditions. The investigated collectors on the south facades of the building are integrated, and the associated passive effects are analysed. The analysis provides interesting outcomes from the point of view of energy and comfort.
Pages: 201 - 212