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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Acoustic Refurbishment on a Temporary Auditorium: BIM design and interventions influences

Marco Caniato, Federica Bettarello, Matteo Bellè, Andrea Gasparella

Abstract: Building Information Modelling (BIM) is playing an increasingly greater role in the world of construction. BIM should combine as many stakeholders as possible during the design workflow and make it possible to manage the created object before its realization, as well as follow it during its entire lifetime. Holding together such a large number of functions is not an easy task; managing each of them in the best possible way is even more complex, especially if, as is happening today, the sectors involved in the construction of a building are becoming increasingly specialized. In order to verify (i) what the limits are that a BIM software can reach, (ii) what the most common difficulties are and (iii) in which sectors they usually appear, it is necessary to study a real project carried out in its entirety with the BIM method. For this reason, a complex case study has been chosen which would be useful in formulating a response to the previous key points. The critical aspects linked to the possible choices that should be made between the various software have been highlighted as well as the pros and cons of the possible paths that can be followed. Finally, the future scenarios of integrated software development are identified and the way in which they may be adopted to address the difficulties and weaknesses that BIM still presents, is discussed.
Pages: 251 - 258