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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Prediction of the acoustic and thermal performance of a multilayer partition

Manuela Neri, Mariagrazia Pilotelli, Edoardo Alessio Piana, Adriano Maria Lezzi

Abstract: Multilayer partitions are often designed so that, because of their peculiar composition or structure, they exhibit characteristics that are not normally found in single layer panels. “Multifunctional” partitions are engineered to optimize different features at the same time. In this paper the authors try to deal with the problem of optimizing thermal and acoustic behavior by designing a thermo-acoustic insulation structure. From the thermal point of view, the material should combine good insulation properties, given by low thermal conductivity, and high delay of the thermal wave due to external conditions, given by low thermal diffusivity. From the acoustic point of view, the material should have good absorption characteristics, whenever possible, and primarily high transmission loss in order to respect the relevant law prescriptions. In this way the composite panel, used as a façade element, can improve the comfort conditions in buildings and reduce energy consumption for winter heating and summer cooling. The coupled thermo-acoustic element is made of different wooden and recycled material layers, chosen for their specific properties and sustainable characteristics. Thermal properties were estimated by means of a self-developed code based on the ISO 13786 standard. The acoustic properties of the individual layers, according to the ASTM E2611-09 standard procedure, were measured in a fourmicrophone impedance tube, and the transfer matrix method was used to estimate the overall acoustic behavior of the material. Particular attention was paid to the layer sequence, because of great importance for both thermal and acoustic performances. The preliminary combined study showed encouraging results.
Pages: 275 - 282