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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


On the Thermophysical Performance Optimization of Italian Schools of the 60s: a Case Study in Ostia (RM)

Francesco Asdrubali, Luca Evangelisti, Lucia Fontana, Claudia Guattari, Ilaria Montella, Pietro Prestininzi, Ginevra Salerno, Chiara Tonelli, Valeria Vitale.

Abstract: In recent years, energy efficiency and energy saving issues have dominated the field of buildings research. Since new constructions are characterized by an efficient design, the real challenge is to define accurate and effective retrofit interventions for existing buildings. In order to understand the energy behavior of buildings and identify the best viable retrofit solutions, accurate analyses, carried out by means of dynamic simulations and in-situ measurement campaigns, are needed. Furthermore, in Italy compliance of the effects of the proposed interventions with standards is necessary. In this paper, a school built in the 1960s was considered as a case study and its energy performance was investigated. An in-situ measurement campaign was conducted with a thermal imaging camera, a heat flow meter and air temperature probes. Following this, a dynamic model of the school was implemented by means of TRNSYS dynamic code and different retrofit scenarios were evaluated and compared. The aim of this analysis was to quantify the effectiveness of the chosen refurbishment strategies on the energy demands of the investigated school.
Pages: 299 - 306