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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


On the parasitic heat transfer between dwellings in case of individual heating: first results by simulation across the EU

Viola Iaria, Carlo Mazzenga, Vincenzo A. Spena

Abstract: In residential applications with individual thermostat controls, a major problem arises as a consequence of heat transfer between conterminous dwellings when at least one is unconditioned or under-conditioned. Any absence of people, or under-heating by any tenant, can significantly falsify the accounting of heat flows, particularly in the case of highly performing building envelopes. In this paper, the effects of this kind of “parasitic” heat transfer across the apartments of a residential building is simulated, using, as a preliminary approach, a simplified proprietary calculation code, which considers different setpoints of thermostats assumed by different tenants, and internal gains as occupancy-related. Results show that there is a real need for thermal insulation of interior partitions and, especially for existing buildings, diseconomies as much high as the climate is mild. These results reveal the intrinsic heat accounting iniquity as a result of parasitic heat transfer through conterminous dwellings.
Pages: 307 - 314