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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Calibration of an UMI simulation model for a neighborhood in Bolzano, Italy

Federico Battini, Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella

Abstract: In recent decades, public authorities have focused their attention on the building sector, since it is responsible for a large share of the total energy consumption and, thus, should be involved in the development of sustainable energy policies. In this context, Urban Building Energy Models UBEM can play a significant role as they make it possible to study the behaviour of whole cities, as well as the potential of different building retrofitting strategies. In this contribution, the UBEM tool umi is used to study a neighbourhood in Bolzano, Italy, to contrast its capabilities and test the potential of a k-fold approach as preliminary calibration of the model, based on energy certificates and annual energy consumption data.
Pages: 323 - 329