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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Multi-Objective Optimization Of Thermo-Acoustic Comfort Of School Buildings

Daniele Colarossi, Samantha Di Loreto, Eleonora Tagliolini, Paolo Principi, Fabio Serpilli

Abstract: The reduction of the environmental impact of the building sector is one of the top priorities in the “climate change challenge”. As the primary energy consumption of the building decreases, a high level of indoor comfort must be maintained. Both thermal parameters, lighting, acoustic level, and indoor air quality affect indoor comfort. These aspects are fundamental, especially in school buildings, where a good level of indoor comfort can help student to stay focused. This paper proposes a methodology for a combined optimization of the energetic and the acoustic performance of a school building. A case study, located in the center of Italy, was analyzed. Firstly, the thermal and acoustic performance was determined. Then a list of interventions was hypothesized and simulated, involving both the building envelope, the lighting and thermal plants. Normalized acoustic insulation of partitions between adjacent rooms, acoustic insulation of the façade and reverberation time were evaluated. The outdoor and ambient noise levels were based on the main characteristics of the façade (type and stratifications of opaque and transparent components, ventilation system, etc.). Results show that the optimal combination of interventions reduces the CO2 emissions of 88.55 % and the global energy performance index of 85.2 %. The indoor sound pressure level due to traffic noise is reduced by 19 dB after acoustic insulation of the façade, while further treatments to indoor surfaces should be implemented to reduce internal reverberation time and to improve speech intelligibility. The combined optimization shows that the highest reduction of the global impact (89.2 %) is obtained by weighting 80 %/20 % the acoustic/thermal performance.
Pages: 59 - 67