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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Influence of Sound-Absorbing Ceiling on the Reverberation Time. Comparison Between Software and Calculation Method EN 12354-6

Nicola Garzotto, Paolo Ruggeri, Fabio Peron, Marco Caniato, Andrea Gasparella

Abstract: The correct acoustic design of rooms such as classrooms, conference rooms and offices is of fundamental importance to ensure high speech intelligibility and to contain internal noise levels. The use of sound-absorbing ceilings alone is not always sufficient to guarantee adequate comfort, as the reflections between parallel walls could introduce unwanted phenomena such as flutter echo or the accentuation of modal resonances. One more issue is related to the use of Sabine or Eyring models, which could lead to an underestimation of the reverberation times. This article compares the reverberation time measured and simulated in two small rooms with (i) Sabine and Eyring models, (ii) two commercial simulation software and (iii) the EN 12354-6 standard method valid for rooms, with absorption not homogeneously distributed between the surfaces.
Pages: 77 - 84