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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


On the Prints of Another Horseshoe-Shaped Historical Building: Acoustic Studies of the Bonci Theatre of Cesena

Antonella Bevilacqua, Ruoran Yan

Abstract: The Bonci theatre in Cesena was built in 1846, becoming a stable public construction after a period when theatrical shows used to be privately performed inside aristocratic palaces. The architectural design, to be composed of 5 orders of balconies and the shape of the plan layout follow, in reduced dimensions, the Alla Scala theatre in Milan. Acoustic measurements were taken across the stalls and inside some selected boxes according to BS3382-1. The main acoustic parameters gathered by the measured values were compared with the acoustic simulations of a 3D model, which faithfully reproduces the Bonci theatre. The scope of this paper is the analysis of the acoustic behavior of the Bonci theatre, which can be used to calibrate a digital model before the executions of any acoustic simulations. This practice is fundamental for the accuracy of the results, which shall be carried out by comparing the measured with the calibrated values. A review of the historical background has been introduced to allow an appreciation of the architectural value of this cultural heritage.
Pages: 117 - 122