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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Acoustic Discoveries of Another Masterpiece by Antonio Galli Bibiena: The Communal Theatre of Bologna

Antonella Bevilacqua, Ruoran Yan

Abstract: The Communal Theater of Bologna was built in 1763, after a fire destroyed the previous Renaissance construction. The project was assigned to the architect Antonio Galli Bibiena, who belonged to a family of artists and scenographers. The interior design represents Baroque style, with its four orders of balconies surmounted by a top gallery. Acoustic measurements were carried out inside the theater in line with BS3382-1. The values measured were compared with the acoustic simulations of a digital model reproducing the shape and volume of this cultural heritage. The historical background of the building has been summarised to aid understanding of the construction development overseen by Antonio Galli Bibiena.
Pages: 123 - 128