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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Validation of Energy Simulations of a Sustainable Wooden House in a Mediterranean Climate

Piero Bevilacqua, Roberto Bruno, Daniela Cirone, Stefania Perrella, Natalia Shushunova, Natale Arcuri

Abstract: Wood has become an appealing solution in the building sector compared with traditional materials such as stone, steel, concrete, and brick for several reasons: it is more sustainable, it provides good thermal properties, and allows for fast construction processes in dry-assembled applications. However, wooden buildings in the Mediterranean area are still not very widespread , mainly due to social prejudices about their resistance to seismic events and doubts concerning durability and fire resistance. The paper focuses on the validation of an energy model of a sustainable wooden building that is the prototype of a research project aiming at producing advancement in the development of residential settlement models with solutions to implement in new single or multi-story buildings. The single-family building is located in the province of Cosenza (South Italy). The building was equipped with a monitoring system for the acquisition of quantities of interest for thermal analysis and was subject to an experimental campaign conducted in the summer of 2021. The building was then modeled in the TRNSYS environment accounting for the detailed modeling of solar radiation. Simulations were performed in freefloating conditions, allowing the thermal model to be validated. Then, further energy simulation allowed an evaluation of the thermal performances of building in different Italian localities, allowing the viability of wooded solution in a Mediterranean climate to be demonstrated.
Pages: 193 - 198