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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Assessment of Demand-Side Management on the Performance of a Single-Dwelling Mechanical Ventilation Plus Radiant Floor System

Paolo Bonato, Anton Soppelsa, Marta Avantaggiato, Roberto Fedrizzi

Abstract: This paper focuses on the profitability of demand-side management strategies developed for a single-dwelling mechanical ventilation plus radiant floor system. Energy savings and comfort indicators are quantified for a number of control options, including demand-controlled ventilation and temperature setbacks. The assessment is based on numerical energy simulations conducted in TRNSYS for the climate of Bolzano (Italy). To perform the simulations, numerical models of the energy system and the reference dwelling were developed. Based on the analysed climate and building, it was found that demand-side management strategies can have a significant impact on the energy consumption and time distribution of energy loads: demand control ventilation allows the achievement of consistent energy savings in the electrical consumption of the fans (up to 37 %), whereas the use of an adaptive dehumidification setpoint can lead to savings within the range of 10 % in summer electrical consumption. The use of non-occupancy temperature setbacks does not show a significant impact on the annual thermal demand, although the time pattern of the loads is considerably affected, with a cascade effect on the performance of the air-to-water heat pump. The use of the climatic curve parameters at the generator allows an improvement of the electrical performance of the heat pump, increasing the SCOP of more than 20 %.
Pages: 281 - 288