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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


QGIS-Based Tools to Evaluate Air Flow Rate by Natural Ventilation in Buildings at Urban Scale

Silvia Santantonio, Guglielmina Mutani

Abstract: Urban-scale evaluations of aerodynamic and morphological parameters allow correction of the wind speed within the urban boundary layer, as the wind profile is strongly influenced by the presence of roughness elements. This can have important implications for defining urban strategies for the reduction of buildings' energy consumption and the improvement of air quality and liveability of outdoor spaces. Among the current models for assessing the air flow rate by natural ventilation in buildings at urban scale, this study aims to define a GIS-based methodology, using existing databases and an open source QGIS plug-in. From a digital surface elevation dataset, and considering prevalent wind directions, the displacement height (zd) was determined. The wind speed was corrected, applying the logarithmic or turbulent laws of wind profile, respectively, above and below zd. This method could determine the spatial distribution of wind speed, considering each building façade characteristics and its surroundings. Resulting wind pressure on windward and leeward façades drives the air flow rate inside the buildings. Further developments of this work will improve the air flow modelling in buildings with other tools for applications at urban scale.
Pages: 331 - 339