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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Smart Sensors and Auditory Sensitivity: Acoustic Optimization of Dedicated Spaces for Autistic Individuals

Federica Bettarello, Marco Caniato, Arianna Marzi, Giuseppina Scavuzzo, Andrea Gasparella

Abstract: This work deals with the design of an indoor environment dedicated to autistic individuals, who may suffer from hypersensitivity to acoustic stimuli. Specifically, in this volume customized pieces of furniture are included, containing smart sensors, designed to help people with cognitive deficits to live an independent life. Among the indoor comfort aspects, the acoustic requirements have been investigated, in order to guarantee both the optimal functioning of the acoustic sensors and the acoustic occupants' well-being. The optimal indoor acoustic levels are based on a literature review. Measurements are performed in order to calibrate a 3D acoustic model. Then diverse scenarios are analysed, and an optimized configuration is proposed and realized. The model is then validated with the final acoustic measurements, which confirm the designed results.
Pages: 387 - 393